Are you stuck when you should be transitioning?

As entrepreneurs most of us start a business because we don’t want to get on the hamster wheel of working for someone else.  After a couple of years we find ourselves completing the same tasks week in and week out, where’s the variety, where’s the excitement, why does it seem to be hard work, a drudge?


On top of this you have the pressure when things aren’t going according to plan, tricky calls from HMRC, the bank manager, an unhappy customer, so all the responsibility and none of the fun.


One possible source of these problems is you!


Let me clarify.  When a business is in start-up the founder has to wear many hats, you go to networking meetings to develop the business, you do the financial tasks like invoicing, chasing debtors and keeping an eye on the competition, to borrow an expression from my Grandmother, you’re the chief cook and bottle washer.


When your business grows you need to start delegating these tasks, and that’s where the problems can often start.


Entrepreneurs are naturally ‘can do’people, so when a job needs doing we get on with it, when we start to employ people it can come as a shock that employees don’t think the same way!


That’s when a whole new set of skills need to be learned.  Managing people is probably the most difficult business discipline of all to master.


As first time employers we struggle with things like how much should I expect from people, too much and you’re seen as a bully, too little and you’re a soft touch, nobody teaches you as a first time employer, so you end up spending a long time going through some trial & error evolutions, which can be costly, time consuming and frustrating.


Even when you do teach employees to take over from you they don’t complete tasks to your standards, the temptation is to simply do the task yourself, how many times have you said, ‘Let’s face it, I end up doing it again, so I might as well just do it in the first place.’


The problem of course is that you’re leaving an employee un-empowered and feeling deflated, whilst also running yourself ragged.  What you actually need is someone to coach that employee to do the job you need them to do, you could do this, but do you have the time/energy/skill set?


Put simply your business is going through a transition, you’re transitioning from a start-up phase to growth phase, however, if your mindset is stuck in start-up, you may never reach the growth phase, and if you do, your business may never achieve it’s full potential because youare holding it back.


To solve this problem you need some outside help, someone who is not emotionally invested in your business, who can tell you dispassionately where the blocks are that are stopping your business reach it’s true potential.


It’s tough to hear news like this sometimes, but the sooner you get head around the fact that nobody knows everything, and everybody needs some support sometimes, the sooner your business will start to reach the heights your hard work deserves. 

Nick Hodson