‘It’s lonely making decisions in isolation’


Personal experience counts

It all started when I realised that my 25 years as the MD of a family business could be of use to other people running similar businesses.

There are many people who style themselves as consultants, growth specialists, management guru’s, etc but how many of them have actually sat in the hot seat of an SME?

Do they have the scars? the tenacity to hang on when it seems the world is against them? have they been woken up at 4am by the feeling of dread brought on by the thought of a call from the bank manager or HMRC in the morning?

If not, how can they ever relate to you and your business?

Most leaders of SME’s have a tale or two to tell of a cash flow crisis, a lack of time, or manager who brings pain instead of solving a problem!

Nobody does it all alone and many entrepreneurs feel lonely and isolated.

You’re not alone….

From large corporates to start-up’s, we all need a plan .

From large corporates to start-up’s, we all need a plan.


  • Establish your current position

  • Decide where you want to be

  • Implement a strategy


  • It’s not all about business

  • Identify problem personal areas

  • Make time for friends & family


  • What does success look like

  • Decide what’s important

  • Measure your achievements